Here’s to You Xerox – R82F signing out

This post may seem to have little to do with our trip to Europe but it actually has everything to do with it. You see when William and I got married six years ago we shared a common dream – to travel, to explore and to adventure. There was just one small problem. William was retired but I was “still working”. Today marks the beginning of my retirement and the ability for William and I to begin our travels.


In the fall of 1977 at the age of 23 I accepted a position with Xerox. My intentions were to work 2 years and then become a stay-at-home Mom. This was no ordinary job though as I was the first female Xerox electronics technician in the Charlotte area. Every day I faced a new customer, a new set of problems and a new challenge. Repairing the Xerox equipment was like solving a puzzle to me and I Loved it. I would go in and do my repair magic then chat with the customer and make sure everything was running right before I would leave. I soon figured out it wasn’t the “puzzle” in repairing the equipment but the time I spent with the customer that I really loved. And this is what kept me at Xerox all these 39 years.

Xerox has changed a lot over the years and in truth so have I. It’s been real Xerox but I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed the ride.

Over and out Xerox!

Your dedicated employee

R82F a.k.a Rosa

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  1. Anita Hartley says:

    Congratulations sweetie. Happy travels to you..first new hire I met 39 years ago and been friends ever since. Love you..Anita

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  2. Melissa says:

    So proud of you!

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  3. JoAnn says:

    What a Magnificent Career. Love

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