The Temple Mount

This morning we went into Old Jerusalem onto the Temple Mount.

After the 6 day war, Israel allowed the Islams to have control of the Temple Mount. However, we were told that the Jewish Community had secured the right to rebuild their temple. This is the original foundation stone of the Temple.

And this is the location where the new Jewish Temple will eventually be built.

The wailing wall which is the only remaining wall of the old temple is where the Jewish people come to pray. It is customary to write your prayer on a piece of paper and place in the cracks of the wall. All the prayers are collected weekly by the Rabbi who bury them.

William went down on the large section on the left and he prayed for Peace in Israel. I went to the small section for women and I prayed that the Lord would protect my family.

Here is a painting of what Old Jerusalem looked like during Biblical times followed by what it looks like today.

No trip to the Temple could be complete without walking on the Via Dolorosa. However, our pastor Lon took us below the city streets to the actual road that Jesus would have carried His Cross.

Here is the remains of the well where Jesus healed the crippled man at the Temple.

The Bible is coming to life for me and William and I hope that one day you too will have the opportunity to come to the Holy Land.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! It really does seem more alive to me already!

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  2. Cara says:


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  3. Very Informative Article! Someone interesting in Knowing the Early Use of the Dome of the Rock…. Here is an interesting Article to look out for

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    1. Thanks. I will check out you web article suggestion.


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