High Tide

Le Mont du Saint Michel is one of France’s most iconic images.  However most people never get to see it the way William and I did today. The bay around the monastery is completely surrounded by water at high tide only once or twice a month.  Last night was a full moon which brought the highest tide and you would think that we planned our visit for this phenomenal event but in fact we did not.  We just seem to be lucky when we travel.  I should mention however that to see the high tide surround the Mont this morning we had to get up at 6:00AM and travel from Bayeux to arrive at just the right time.  It was amazing to see the water come in.  It happened so very fast and I now understand why they say, “the water comes in as fast as a galloping horse.”


Since we were there so early, we were first in line to actually make it to the top to visit the monastery.  Monasteries are usually not very ornate so what we saw was stained glass windows in the spiral, oversized doors, sculptures, covered walkways, big open rooms and huge fireplaces.




Oh, and not to forget, we also saw cannons and the treadwheel and cart used for raising and lowering goods during time of attacks.




And to show you how most people see Le Mont du Saint Michele here is a picture of the monastery before high tide.  And I’ve added a few more pics that are worthy of our photo blog too.


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After visiting the monastery we found this old windmill and stopped in our “Twingo” for a picnic lunch.



Then we were off to Saint Malo which was originally built as a walled citadel guarding the mouth of the Rance river, For centuries it was home to feared pirates.  Today we enjoyed views of the old walled fortress.

Before checking into our Airbnb for the evening we strolled the old city of Pontorson.  Our Airbnb Host had left us a walking tour map of the city so off we headed to see the sites and look for a dinner spot.  First up was of course, the centuries old cathedral and the Montgomery Hotel.

Then we were looking for the Mason Romance Building.  According to the brochure it was built in the 12th century and a beautiful testimony of the medieval period.  A little lady saw us looking around and she came over and spoke to us.  We asked if she spoke English and she said, “Of Course, I’m English.”   She shared her life’s story with us and talked and talked.  She told of losing her husband just before Christmas and that she had sold her home and moved across the street and that she was opening a little shop.  As we were leaving we asked her where the Mason Romance Building was and she pointed over there, the one I just sold.  Her name was Shelia Branson and quite a character.



The Indonesian Puppets below caught my eye in her little shop!


And before calling it a day we went back out and got this one last photo.  Good night from Mont Saint Michele.


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