William and I discovered the most relaxing river float in existence. It’s located just 20 miles north of Gainesville, Florida and the river is fed by a natural warm spring. Florida is known for its State Parks and this is a real gem.

Ichetucknee River
We are both excited to start our float trip and relax

It’s pretty simple to do. Just check in at the ranger station and pay your $6.00 entrance fee. Then go up to the general store and rent your choice of tube and your tram ride to the drop off point.

Make sure you go to the South Entrance of the Ichetucknee Park. At the General store you can rent anything from a single tube, a double tube, a kayak, or a canoe. We selected the double tube with a head rest and cup holder.

It didn’t take long to allow the slow ride down the river lull us into total relaxation.

There was nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the natural landscape of Northern Florida. Although there were several tubers that put in at the same time we did it was easy to hang back and let them float ahead of us so we had the whole river to ourselves.

I really enjoyed seeing these water flowers all along the sides of the river.

We would get excited when we saw birds wading in the shallow waters.

Or turtles resting on the logs in the sun.

But when we floated close by this guy I have to admit that I did some quick paddling away from that side of the river.

The whole trip takes about 2 hours but with your entrance pass you can go down the river as many times as you like. We took the time to picnic in the parking lot at one of the picnic tables. Several families had a grill going and the smell of the burgers and hot dogs permeated the air. Ichetucknee State Park is a must do if you are ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm Florida weather.

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  1. Wilda Almond says:

    Sounds wonderful. So glad you are enjoy life and seeing God’s beauty

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa says:

    Nope, It’s sounds relaxing but I couldn’t do it! Not with seeing that alligator.


    1. First time in three different float trips that I have ever seen a gator. To be honest it scared me too.


  3. Edith Propst says:

    Great photos and information about the park and river. We will try to check it out someday!


  4. Susan Davis says:

    These photos are great! As I started looking at them., I was wondering if ‘gators were around. Perfect environment. THEN, came to the photo of that big guy! Still, it looks very relaxing, and I enjoyed the photos and commentary. Always look forward to your travel blogs! Take good care and travel ON!


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