Packing for Europe

One of the first big decisions we had to make for our trip to Europe  was to decide what we would use to carry all our clothing and gear during our two month trek through Italy and Greece.   And after reading about the possibility of pickpocketing we also wanted to make sure we were selecting a backpack that would be safe.  After trying out three different packs we decided on this awesome backpack.

There were many things that we liked about this backpack over the others we tried.  We loved the fact that it is a carry on size, that it had a clamshell opening, and most importantly it’s size would prevent us from overpacking.  Rosa did a Review of the pack so you could see why we loved it.

The next step was to decide on what to pack for a 2 month trip to Europe.  Our plan is to use public transportation through out Europe.  So we will be carrying everything with us from location to location and we had to keep it light on our back.  We selected stylish and functional clothing – clothing that would be light weight and quick drying.  I understand that people in Europe don’t really use dryers so we want to make sure we can get our clothing dried and packed again for the next leg of our trip.   We did lots of research on “how much” to take and also talked with our good friend Sonya who just completed a four month stay in Europe.  After careful consideration, here’s a picture of what will be in my backpack and a quick rundown of what you see.




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  1. jincey says:

    Following your grand adventure will be a real treat! Thanks for the blog – and safe travels!


  2. Linda says:

    How exciting! I can’t believe you can pack everything you need in those backpacks, and I’m really impressed. Have an amazing trip, and I look forward to following your adventures on your blog!!


    1. They were really easy to carry on the plane too! Packing for a 2 month trip is no different than packing for 4 or 5 days. You just have to do laundry a bit more often.


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