After leaving Rome William and I traveled south to Salerno so we could explore the ruins at Pompei.  When the Volcano erupted in 79 AD I thought the inhabitants of Pomeii were completely covered in Lava but in fact the ash that fell is what suffocated them.  These ruins are spectacularly preserved – so much so you can see the artwork on the walls of the buildings.  

Mount Vesuvius stands in the background of the Ruins of Pompeii and below shows some of the walls and how well preserved they are.

William is walking on the original street of Pompei.  You can also see the original buildings on either side of the street.

The sewage flowed down the streets of Pompei so they had these huge stepping stones to cross over the street.  Can you also see the indentation on either side of the middle stone?  These are tracts worn by their chariots.  
Below is their Ampitheatre and coliseum,

We had a great day in Pompeii.  An early morning train ride, then a sort 1.5 miles walk to the Exhibition before touring the ruins.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Looking good! Who’d you get to snap the picture? Where are ya’ll staying?


    1. William bought a selfie stick!


      1. Melissa says:

        Very good selfie stick skills!


  2. Charles Reed says:

    Looks like U guys are having the time of ur lives

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