Mayo’s Healing Art

This is one of the foremost expressions of creativity at Mayo Clinic…a dramatic example of the art of giving and the giving of art.  Thirteen chandeliers weighing 6,000 pounds  comprised of 1,375 pieces of blown glass.  Fragile yet commanding…Fluid yet fixed…this work expresses Mayo’s commitment that art plays a vital role in the healing process.

mayo bestSerena Fleischhaker made a generous gift to commission this work.  Dale Chihuly contributed time and resources.  As a result the sculpture is fully funded by the combined generosity of a loyal patient and a dedicated artist.  At Mr. Chihuly’s request the Mayo Clinic installation is untitled.  He encourages viewers to share the creative spirit by forming their own interpretations of the sculpture.  As he explains:  “We wanted to create something that makes people feel good.”

And I do feel good after seeing multiple doctors today.  Teamwork is a way of life here at the Mayo Clinic.  I saw the ENT surgeon, fellows, assistant surgeon, radiologists, oncologist, and even had a dental consultation.  My preop visit was way more than a phone conversation which consisted in a 75 minute appointment with the anesthesiologist, lung specialist, and a heart specialist.  This team of doctors seemed to be amazed at how good my health was and almost wondered why I was here.  I am here for the best of care and it certainly appears that I am in the right hands.

good day

Active into her mid 90’s Ms. Fleischhaker expressed a radiant enthusiasm with her frequent comment, “Life gets better each day.”  Along this adventure my life has gotten better each day.  I’ve made wonderful friendships with two ladies that have supported me thru my eye enucleation.  One constantly emails me checking in with me.  It has been wonderful knowing she is always thinking of me and is concerned.  She and her husband are becoming close friends.  One has even driven long distances to go with me to my ocularist as support and she and her husband have also become great friends.  God puts the right people in our lives when we need them.

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  1. Melissa says:

    That is the artist I wanted to see at Biltmore. Praying for you constantly.


  2. You would have loved to see this art work Missy. It is breathtaking beautiful. There is lots more artwork around the Clinic but by far Chihuly’s blown glass chandeliers are the best.



    You and William are in our thoughts and prayers. God is in control. I have heard nothing but good things about the place where you are.


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