Final day in Eilat, Israel

Today is our last day in Israel. We have had a marvelous time but we are ready to come home now. I think that 36 hour trip to Cairo wore us out.

We spent the morning with our new friends Veronika and Dietmar who we shared the Airbnb Villa with. They are from Cologne Germany and have extended an invitation for us to visit with them. We too will ask them to come stay with us in the USA.

William enjoyed the pool at our villa this morning.

Then we headed into town for lunch and a visit to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat.

Our favorite exhibit was the sea turtles.

Our second favorite display were the Piranha. They did not move at all. They just sat idle in the water opening and closing their mouths.

You could walk below the sea level to see the fish around the coral reefs which was pretty cool. Being a scuba diver William and I have seen most of these fish before but what a beautiful underwater display they had.

We also stopped by their shark tank.

I liked this leopard shark.

We have made a lot of memories here in Israel, Jordan, Sinai, and Egypt and cannot wait to get home and share our stories in more detail with you all. Thanks for coming along with us!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

    Safe travels home!


  2. Edith Propst says:

    What a wonderful adventure! Your photos were all outstanding and your commentary even better! Thanks for sharing! Safe travels home.


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