Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Bavaria.  It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as the “Fairytale King”.  King Ludwig was a great admirer and supporter of Richard Wagner, the world-renowned composer and the Castle was built in his honor with several rooms depicting scenes from Wagner’s operas.

The Castle was never completed.  Only 18 of the 200 rooms were ever built.  King Ludwig mysteriously drowned in shallow water while he was a very good swimmer.  At that point all building ceased and later the Castle would be given to the Bavarian Government.



King Ludwig was 6’4″ tall and lived in his castle only 6 months before his death.


This is the Throne Room.


The King’s bedroom even had running water and toilets.


The Ballroom was set up for Wagner Operas


This was King Ludwig II parent’s Castle which sits very close by.


Later Walt Disney was inspired to create the Sleeping Beauty Castle from this Castle high in the German Alps.

disney castle



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  1. Pamela Webb says:

    Love it! We visited the castle in 2005…….Awesome…..was so impressed!


    1. It sure was awesome Pam. Thanks for following our travels.


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