Ljubljana, Slovenia Food Tour

My daughter Melissa had suggested that while in Slovenia that we should take the walking food tour of Ljubljana.  She had enjoyed the tour just last year and thought we might like it too.  We found this unique glass house for our overnight in Ljubljana.  It had a hot tub and as a really special bonus an indoor fireplace.


Before heading out on our Food Tour our host Franci shared a glass of wine with me and when we returned he had a fire going and the glass house was toasty and warm.


We met our group at Tromostovje, a group of three bridges across the Ljubljanica River which connects the historical old medieval town on one bank to the new city on the other.  One of the most iconic bridges is called the Dragon Bridge.


Here is the English couple we did the tour with.  They are Tom and Zara.  Tom was a pediatric doctor and Zara was an anesthesiologist.  Both were very interesting and we loved sharing the tour with them.


Our tour guide was Alenka.  She was so knowledgeable about not only the cuisine of her country but also about its history.


On our first stop we tried the traditional barley stew.


a rolled dumpling with farmer’s cheese and spinach called struklji


and Carniola sausage with horseradish and mustard.


At the next stop we tried the Istrain egg omelette with asparagus


And Stuffed Adriatic calamari with farmer’s cheese and prosciutto.


We also toasted with the traditional “Na Zdravje” trying the white wine malvazija and red wine refosco


Some how I missed my favorite taste.  It was Slovenian trout tartar with pumpkin seed oil for dipping our bread.  But I did get a photo of this Istrian pasta called pljukanci.  I loved the ground hazelnut on top.


And of course we finished with black tea and Prekmurje layer cake (prekmurska gibanica)


It was lots of fun tasting these traditional foods but also quite a step out of the norm for us two Vegans.  We also enjoyed the views of the old town as we walked.  Here are some random shots we found interesting.









William and I would have these two very traditional Slovenia dishes the next day before going back to our vegan diet.



Bon Appetit!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Love that dragon gate! The town looks amazing!

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