Schloss Hagenwil

Believe it or not, these posts are as much for me and William as they are for those that follow our travels, especially on this 6 weeks trip across Europe.  The posts make it possible for us to look back and remember everything.

One day while in Switzerland we drove about 5 minutes away from our Airbnb in Muolen to see Hagenwil Castle.  This was one of the most interesting castles ever.  It was built in the early 1200’s.  It is roughly a square shape with a 10 foot deep moat around it.



This is where they could shoot arrows through for protection when under siege.




This is the mechanism that raises and lowers the draw bridge.


The Castle is open for tours by appointment.  There is also a restaurant in the castle and the rooms can be rented for meetings and events.

And of course every town has a church and this is Hagenwil’s


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  1. Priscilla says:

    I loved all the different church’s.

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  2. Katrina Barringer says:

    Thank you for sharing your travels! The pictures are great!!!

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