Third Day on California Highway 1

Already an adventure, our third day driving Highway 1 would prove to be our best day so far.  We had done our research on the best place to view The Golden Gate Bridge and were eager to get a start this morning.  We had selected two viewing points.  First we would stop at the Round House Cafe where we could grab a cup of Joe and snap some beautiful shots of the Bridge.  Then we would drive across the Bridge and stop at what we felt would be the second best viewing point, the Golden Gate overlook and Visitors Center.  The one thing we forgot to research was the best hours to actually view the Golden Gate Bridge.  Arriving at 8 AM was not the best time as the Bridge was totally hidden with Fog and I do mean Totally Hidden.  Here is the only pic I got of the bridge and to be honest, with the fog as heavy as it was,  I felt blessed to see this little glimpse as we crossed the bridge.

golden gate

Because we had two more appointments that we must make during this trip we knew that we would not have time to wait for the fog to lift, nor to venture into the city to ride               the Cable Cars, nor to visit Alcatraz.  All those things will have to wait until we can return for a full visit to San Francisco which we will do maybe next year.  Then I will be able to share with you a picture similar to the one below.

golden gate bridge

Our drive along the coast that morning after leaving the city was simply amazing.  We stopped several times just to take in the beauty the West Coast has to offer.

point reyes us

Our next point of interest was Point Reyes National Seashore.  This National Seashore is located only an hour north of San Francisco and it composes 70,000 acres of lush green and blue wonderlands.


point reyes docks

Point reyes boat

The Point Reyes Lighthouse is perched on the windiest and foggiest point on the California West Coast.  As you can tell from our coats and hats it was definitely windy and cold.

Point Reyes hats

As for the Point Reyes Light House that I was so excited to see, disappointment briefly struck again when we arrived to find this sign.

point reyes llight house

When we return on another visit to San Francisco we will definitely drive north 1 hour to actually see the light house as the restoration should be completed by Dec 2019.

point reyes lighthouse for rea.

The Point Reyes Seashore protects more than 1,500 animal and plant species in its utopia of beaches, lagoons, and ponds that surround a densely wooded interior.  Our first encounter with the wildlife was this little fawn.  He certainly was not afraid of us and he sat for a long time observing us before he walked down the mountain side.

Point Reyes deer

We were certainly amazed to watch this coyote hunting and he too seemed unaware of us.  It was very foggy but still I think you will have no trouble seeing the coyote in the picture below.

Point Reyes coyote

We also stopped at the Elephant Seal Viewing Point and marveled at how close we could get to these sea animals.

Point Reyes elephant seals

We hiked for a bit along the seashore enjoying both the land and the sea.

Point Reyes seashore

Point Reyes trees

Point Reyes boathouse

We could have spent the full day exploring Point Reyes.  If you decide to take this drive on Highway 1 this National Seashore is a must do.   As we left the park I couldn’t help but take a picture of these trees along the drive.

Point Reyes trees leaving

We continued our drive along the coast stopping to spend some time on a West Coast Beach.

West Coast Beach 2

West Coast Beach 1

West Coast Beach

The best thing about driving Highway 1 is the scenery just keeps getting better and better.

west more

west more 2

We stopped for the evening in Fort Bragg, CA at one of the nicest Airbnb’s where we would relax in the hot tub reviewing all we had seen this day.








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    California sure is beautiful!

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