Capitol Reef National Park

It is only a two and half hour drive west from Moab to Capitol Reef National Park and the drive along Scenic Byway 24 rewarded us with exceptional views and scenery. Leaving Moab we traveled north for about 30 miles, then west on Interstate 70 before we began to travel south west along Utah’s Highway 24. There is a Utah State Park along this drive where the rocks are stacked like Goblins.

As we traveled along the route toward Capitol Reef National Park the rock formations continued to exhibit this “stacked” look.

Over twenty years ago I had visited Utah’s Big 5 National Parks, One of my fondest memories was stopping at this little market that had an outside wood fired oven, When I stopped, they were bringing the fresh bread from the oven into the store, tossing it from hand to hand because it was so hot. I bought the whole loaf along with lots of fresh veggies and cheese. When William and I passed this store on our drive I recognized it immediately. We both were very sad that they had not yet opened for the season.

As we entered the National Park our first views included the Fruita Schoolhouse where children of the eight families who lived in the Junction learned the 3 “R’s” – Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

Mormon pioneers settled this area around the Fremont River and Fruita became well known for its orchards. Today many of the trees still produce fruit. I learned that the orchards are now managed and protected by the National Register of Historic Places and that when the fruit trees are in season you can actually pick some for yourself.

Since this park is known for it’s fruits we had to stop by the Gifford Farm House so we could buy our own fresh baked fruit pies.

There are many hiking trails in the park and also lots of scenic drives. After our picnic lunch and fresh fruit pies we took the 25 mile round trip scenic drive. Pictures cannot completely describe the beauty of these vast parks but here are a few pictures I will share along this drive.

Capitol Reef is a Park that is often overlooked during a trip to Utah’s Big 5 Parks but it is one that I would highly recommend that you plan on spending some time in. It is a National Park that William and I will remember for its natural beauty.

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  1. Steve and Priscilla says:

    We love taking this trip with you! The natural beauty is breath taking! Keep the pictures coming.

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  2. Edith Propst says:

    Capitol Reef has always been one of our favorite destinations and Hwy 24 is one of the most scenic in the USA! I’m enjoying being in Concord and taking in all the Spring greenery here while you are marveling at the rock formations that are part of our western home! Thanks for your great posts and photos.


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