Jet Lag is Real

We arrived in Stuttgart Germany this morning.  The flights couldn’t have gone better.  The flight from Charlotte to Atlanta was on time and the flight on to Stuttgart actually arrive 10 minutes early.   Marianna, my niece was there waiting on us when we cleared customers.  

Here is the surprise we brought to her and the kids.  FYI – if you contact CFL and let them know what’s going on – they will flash fry and freeze the items and package – then when they get to your destination you just bake them.

Marianna took us to the PX on base after we arrived to get a SIM Card for our phone.  Then we stopped by the bank to get our money exchanged to Euro’s.  Next stop was for lunch and a tour of the Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory.  We stopped by a butcher shop and then stopped at a local farm where we purchased fresh eggs from a vending machine.  Oh, they were sold in a carton of 10 and not the dozen we are familiar with.  I took pictures of everything to share with you but as the title indicated, jet lag is for real and somehow I ended up deleting those pics before I ever downloaded them here.  I have been nodding off all afternoon and it is only 6:00 PM here and I am heading to bed.

Which brings us to the final question of the day:

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  1. Melissa says:

    Yay! So glad the flights went well. That is so cool that CFL does that. Get some rest and I can’t wait to see more pictures. Is that a real city or a joke? It sounds like a joke.


    1. You got it Missy. It is a joke. You see this sign all over the place. We saw it first at the airport and then multiple places along the highway. Matter of fact we saw it at every place you could leave – ausfahrt means EXIT

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