Angel at Stuttgart.  Aka first day on our own

Today William and I left the security of our family who have lived in Germany for the last two years.  Marianna dropped us off at the Stuttgart train station, helped us buy our ticket and sent us on our way to Munchen.  We would need to change trains only once.  Walking towards the platform where we thought we should go we heard a family talking IN ENGLISH!  We  introduced ourselves and learned the group was from St. Louis and experienced travelers.  Since they were going to Munchen too they said to just follow them.  And we did – right on the WRONG train.  They discovered they were on the wrong train and got off but one in their group said she just couldn’t stand there and not tell us too.  Her name was Julie and she hopped back on to find us.  She found us just as the doors closed and the train started to move.  How fortunate she rescued us!  The three of us jumped off at the next stop, waited for the next train headed back to the station and then ran to where the right train was already boarded.  Julie convinced the conductor to let us on and finally we were on our way to Munchen.  German trains are NEVER late and for this train to delay departure for 5 minutes was truly a miracle.

This was a quick overnig trip to Munchen (Munich) so we could visit the concentration camp memorial in Dachau. We arrived in Munchen about 3:00 and had just a few hours to visit the city. We headed out to Mary’s Square to see the centuries old churches and monuments. The archeticture is so beautiful and the artwork in the buildings so amazing. It’s difficult to fathom just how old these buildings are. These are just a few shots of beautiful old town Munchen.

And it just happened to be October Fest in Munchen so we had to go check that out.  People everywhere were dressed to the max in their lederhosen and dirndl.   The dresses were so beautiful and I really wanted one.  As for the October fest I would compare that to a very large state fair – with BEER Halls.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Oh no! So glad for JuliE coming back for you. Overnight? So you found a place to stay? How did that go?


    1. We stayed in a Marriott just a block from the train station. We did fantastic on finding the RIGHT train to Dachau and back to Stuttgart,

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