Random highlights

I absolutely loved Salerno and William and I are very sad to say Bye Bye (that is how Italians say good bye).  Our Airbnb stay was fantastic.  Our host, JohnLuigno served  breakfast to us every morning and made sure we had all we needed before heading out to his work.  He is an architect traveling to Napolii daily for his work.

Hopefully I documented in photographs the highlights of Southern Italy so you could come along with us on our journey.  However, I have not posted some of the fun stuff that has happened during our adventure in Europe that has made the trip  quite memorable to us.

So please laugh along with us now.

1.  We took a wrong turn back to our Airbnb room and ran into what appeared at first sight to be a festival.  People were just strolling along and talking to each other in the middle of the street.  They were families, young and old, just out enjoying the company of others. No one was on a cell phone and none of the kids were looking for Pokemons.  William and I had dinner on the street several times just to people watch.

2.  William’s antics.  Such as him getting stuck in the bathroom on the train and it requiring 3 very big Italians to dismantle the water closet before he could barely squeeze out.
Or when he got the window seat on the train and inquired, “Gee, wonder  what that does?” And of course my reply a simple shake of the head indicating perhaps he might not want to try it.

And then an Italian sitting across from us pulled it down and hung his coat on it and William deduced it was not the ejection button after all.

3.  Arriving in Pompeii and realizing the whole place was open to the sun and needing to barter for two hats to protect us from the sun.

4. And while waiting for our train to arrive the wind blew William’s hat onto the tracks and William asked “Could you please go get it Rosa?”  And yes, I did!

And these trains really move at 187 miles per hour.

5.  In this place of ancient art we just happened onto this ultra modern street art.

6. Getting lost with a map in our hand.  Which spawned a Williamism (aka life philosophy). If you have no destination you are never lost.  Wherever you go there you are.  So we have stopped planning where we are going, that way we will never be lost again.

7. This Canadian photo bombing my cool Amalfi Coast shot.

8.  Finding this little Bar

9.  Posing for X rated pics.

We are having a blast!  Thanks for letting us take you along.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I was laughing out loud! The coat hanger! Bah ha ha! You really got his hat for him? You better be careful!


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