Letters from home!

I’ve really enjoyed the letters that Lela wrote for me to open in each of the Italian Cities.  I read this note at the Duomo also called the Santa Maria del Fiore which is the main church of Florence.  Our Airbnb apartment was only steps from this church so we managed to find our way here almost every day of our visit.

William and I are having a grand adventure in Europe. 
Florence is known for puppets so I though the grand kids might like this random picture of their Grandmother.

And for our food critic friends this was an amazing meal we enjoyed in Florence.  We dined at Aqua 2 and their specialty was called Assagio meaning a sample.  This dish below is balsamic filet, filet with a bread to soak up any juices to keep it moist and tender and the third a filet with blueberries sauce.  Oh my gosh, this was fantastic and our best meal so far in Italy

Followed by a cream filling with strawberries. 
Before leaving Florence for Venice we were on a mission to find a special request purchase for Melissa.  Guess what is in the green bag!  Just minutes before our train arrived.

Hope you like it Melissa!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! I love it!


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