Venezia – City of Bridges

William and I captured this wonderful photo of Venice early morning. I think it is the romantic Venice we all have read about.

And here is the romantic lane we called home while here in the “City of Bridges”

We were right on a canal so we had gondoliers coming by our window all the time and we listened to the serenades as they floated by.

Going to Saint Mark’s Square is a highlight to any visit to Venice so we hopped on a water taxi and went down to the square.

And here are some other sights of Venice we found particularly interesting.

The Rialto Bridge – The oldest bridge across the Grand Canal

Reading Lela’s Letter for Venice

Exposing William to more Culture at the Opera

William and I enjoyed Venice but I must be honest with you, because of the crowds here we had to work hard to find enough space to do Venice our way.  There were four cruise ships here this weekend and the crowds were unbelievable.

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  1. Melissa says:

    You went to an opera? Did you enjoy it? Are you going to stay longer so the crowds have time to leave?


    1. We really did enjoy the opera! And I got to dress up in the dress I’ve carried around all this trip! We don’t plan on staying longer in Venice. Venice is all about shopping believe it or not and I’m not here for that. There are upscale shops up and down every little lane. I am ready to get out and see Tuscany.

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      1. Melissa says:

        Cool, I would be the same. That was a cool jacket that you got for Melissa though.


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