The Five Lands of Cinque Terre

This morning we wanted to get started early to Cinque Terre so we hopped on the 8:00 bus to Portoverne where we wanted to catch the first boat out.  Things were going well and then we heard this loud crunching sound.  Yep, someone ran right into the back of our bus.  So we got out along with all the other local residents and we decided it couldn’t be much farther to the Port.  Boy were we wrong it was 3 miles on down the road.   No wonder the Italians didn’t set out on foot like we did.

However we did get some great views along the way this morning.  

And then we found this shortcut.  At least 400 steps down to the sea.

Also we forgot to post this from yesterday.  It is Momma Naturalie!   Quite the resemblance don’t you think?  I always did think I had a kindred spirit with Mother Nature.

So we caught the second boat out to Cinque Terre.  Here is Portoverne as we left headed north up the coast along the Italian Riveria.

The protected coastline for Cinque Terre is only 6 miles long so it wasn’t long before we came upon the first of the 5 Hamlets – Riomaggiore.

Next was Manarola. 

The third of the Cinque Terre is not accessible by boat as it is over 1000 feet above sea level.  Our little camera did a great job zooming in on it though.

The fourth Hamlet is Vernazza.

And the final and largest of the Cinque Terre is Monterosso.

Comparing Amalfi Coast to Cinque Terre:

  1. Both have the beautiful colorful buildings
  2. Both have their unique charm
  3. Amalfi Coast has way more tourists than Cinque Terre
  4. Cinque Terre is more accessible – by boat, train and via hiking trails
  5. Cinque Terre has a more relaxed feel than Amalfi Coast

You will have to see them yourself to judge but for us, we loved Cinque Terre most.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Beautiful! Looking really good Rosa! Retirement becomes you!

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