The art of Racing

I tried my hardest to convince William not to do the Modena portion of the Ferrari tour but I could tell there was no getting out of it.  The building looked pretty interesting so I gave up.  And man am I glad I did.  We walked up the pathway and I realized we were at Enzo Ferrari’s home place.  He had sold his home at the age of 20 to buy his first race car and the rest became history.  We walked into the showroom and my heart stopped.  The building itself seem to flow effortlessly.  It was as if the building had been built to fit in harmony with the cars.   The Ferrari’s here were most notable for their appearance in movies.

You may remember this from Magnom PI.

Or this one from Walt Disney’s Cars?

I learned here that Enzo dreamed from a young boy to be a race car driver and after achieving that goal he devoted his life to the art of racing teams.  

This picture shows the museum building and even the outside of the building seems to flow.  The Museum logo also captures the same movement.  The M characterizes the shape of the building and thus you have:  Museo Enzo Ferrari:

My final thought is buy the bottle of Basalmic Vinegar at the airport as you leave but DO NOT miss the Ferrari Tour!

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