More adventures in Bologna

The hidden canals of Bologna which at one time rivaled Venice were missing the gondolas but still worthy of a good selfie.

After the canals we walked over to see the World Famous Fountain of Neptune but were saddened to find it under revitalization.  It was totally closed for any viewing but here is a picture of what we would have seen.

The oldest University in the world, founded in 1088 AD  was pretty much the same as any other college scene with the exception of much older buildings and beautiful architecture.

Bologna is home of Ducati, the manufacturer of high performance world class motorcycles.  No tour available for us but we were able to capture this at the visitor’s center.  Real beauty on two wheels!

Which leads us to the highlight of our Bologna visit.  William convinced me we should go to Modena and Maranello to see the Ferrari Museum and home of Enzo Ferrari.  I figured I could lead him astray once in Modena to the Balsamic Vinegar Tour.  We got our train tickets to Modena and once there caught a bus to the Ferrari Welcome Center.

While others were in the welcome center purchasing tour tickets William started clicking awa with the camera.  The bus driver informed him that the car he was photographing was NOT a Ferrari.  Everyone got a good laugh when William told them that he knew that but this was the car he would be driving in Greece.  It was a Toyota Aygo (pronounced “I go”).  His ego would have preferred a Ferrari but his wallet went with the Aygo.


FERRARI (aka Ego)

I’m tagging along not knowing much at all about Ferrari Racing cars but once we entered te Museum in Maranello it didn’t take me long to realize I was in the midst of some of the most beautiful racing cars in the World.


William would have me post all 200 plus pictures of the cars but I will just invite you to contact him for more of his personal pictures of these lovely pieces of art.  Now as we left Maranello I snapped these few quick photo of William and was in high hopes of still visiting the Modena Balasamic Distillery.

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