Eating our way thru Hellas (that’s Greek for Greece)

It is impossible to share everything that is happening on this trip.   I try and get the important stuff up first, like William and his love for the art, major sites, and a few stories that are notable.  I must share with you our love of Greek Cuisine.  Now don’t get me wrong because we love German pork and Italian pasta but since we have made it to Greece we must admit the Greek’s have a way with food!  We are averaging walking about 8 to 10 miles a day but I am afraid with the consumption of the wonderful dishes the Greek prepare we are going to need to jump our walking up about 20 miles just to burn off all the calories.

We have tried (and loved)


Sorry, I forgot about the picture until I was almost finished.  Moussaka is like lasagne made out of eggplant, meats, potatoes and cheese.
Baked Lamb

Grilled Kabobs

Baked Feta

EggPlant Sanglaka (or something like that). One of the best so far!


Greek Meatballs


And these apples are covered with Honey from Crete

And this for breakfast – it had fresh bread, bacon, and cheese 

And then there was this sampler we tried!  The Zuchinni Balls and Cheese Balls were awesome!  And those peppers were unbelievable.

Olives in olive oil!

This was just going on the grill this morning and Yes we went back for dinner.

Everything is wonderful.  William says he is going to go on the Mediterranean Diet when he gets home.

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