The Best For Last

Santorini is a must visit island when you get to travel in Greece.  William and I knew we would be ready for some sun and relaxation at the end of European Travels so we planned this stop at the end of our vacation.    We were looking forward to beautiful sunsets, blue and white houses, and time to just sit back and relax.

When we checked into our Villa our host Markos asked us if we might be interested in a sail boat tour around the island and immediately we said yes.  Being able to see the island from a boat was right down our alley.  We were told that we would sail around the island and out to the volcano.  We booked the trip for the first thing on our second day here so we had all night to dream about what a great day we would have.  We spent that first day exploring the island.  This is the lovely view from our front door.

Seeing that peak outside our room with a trail to the top you know I had to climb it.  And we did!

Oui (pronounced EEEaah) is one of the top resort spots on the Island so after getting checked in to our room, we hopped on the bus and headed that way.  What a lovey place!  They say there are over 140 Churches on the island so catching a shot of one is not difficult to do.

We were up bight and early this morning for our sailing trip around the island.  They picked us up just outside our Villa and stopped along the way to the Port to pick up the others who would be sailing with us.  I could tell as the families boarded the transfer van they were going to be lots of fun to sail with.  William could hardly wait to get on the boat, a 38 foot Lagoon Catamaran.  The crew helped us board and our adventure began.

There were ten guests from all around the world on board the boat with us plus three crew members.   It seems that we have had the good fortune to somehow book the best guides and tours on our journeys.  Of course I had to tell the Captain how much my husband William loves sailing and before he knew what had happened the captain gave him the Helm and allowed him to sail the boat himself!  What an honor for William.  

And I had the opportunity to join William as first mate at the helm with him.

We got to stop at the Volcano for swimming in the warm water bubbling up from it.  There was a hermit living there at the volcano who was quite a colorful character.

He even came out to the boat to greet us.

This is the only person living here at the volcano and wouldn’t you know it, he had built his own church.

After the swim we all got out and dried off as William sailed us to a spot for our lunch.

It is official now.  After sailing the boat around Santorini, the crew gave William a special tee shirt making him honorary crew.


The crew made this such a special day for us, one we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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