Back Home – in Germany

We are in Germany now with our family.  It sounds quite simple but what you must realize to make this return trip from Greece to Germany was a real undertaking.  Our flight leaving Santorini to Athens required us to meet our taxi driver at 6:00 AM yesterday morning.  Then we had a 6 hour layover in Athens so we stored our backpacks at the airport and hopped on the Metro to go into Ancient Athens for a lunch and to take one last look at some of the ruins.  Then back to the airport for our flight to Germany with a plane change in Belgrade, Serbia.

After 14 hours of travel it sure was nice to spend a relaxing day with our family.  The kids wanted to take us to one of their favorite restaurants for dinner and we really enjoyed our time with them.

It really did feel like we were home.  Just take a look at the fall colors here in Germany.

We have six more days before returning to North Carolina so you probably guessed we won’t be sitting still.  Today we went out and rented a car and will drive into Switzerland for a few days.   We are packe and ready to hit the road earl tomorrow!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I wondered if you were still on schedule to come back soon. Tell the Keeth’s hi and that I love them! I see your’s and William’s dinner and man does it look like a doozie! Beans and hot dogs? Rosa? Fish and chips for William. What did everyone else get? Why do the kids like that restaurant? Can’t wait to see pictures of Switzerland! Stay safe!


    1. So we had a German lunch – William has schnitzel and fries and I have a traditional meal of lentils sausage and a potato pasta. Then for dinner we went to the little town where the Keith’s first lived when they came here to Germany. It was an Irish Pub where Zoie and I had fish and chips and everyone else had burgers and fries. Everyone there spoke English and the food was more like American food which is one of the reasons the kids liked this place.


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