The Swiss Alps – Lovely!

Our GPS showed a 5 hour drive from Stuttgart Germany to Chur Switzerland.  We were so excited to begin our drive even though it took us twice as long as we thought it would.  We drove into Austria first after leaving Germany and then finally into Switzerland.  The very first thing that caught our attention this morning coming down the mountain in Germany was this massive church.  Churches look quite different than those we have seen in Italy and Greece.

William and I both were so excited to see all the fall colors during our drive today.  We regretted missing the fall colors we love so much in our North Carolina mountains so we particularly enjoyed the drive into the Swiss Alps today.

As our drive brought us into Switzerland we had to drive thru this old Castle.  It even had a mote around it!  Today it houses a Swiss Military Base.  Our grand children would have loved to see this!

Our destination today was The Fontana Passugg Hotel in Chur Switzerland.  Sometimes it is not too easy to actually find our destinations and today was one of those days.  We stopped in town and asked for directions and found it diffucult to communicate with those we talked to.  Speaking English does not seem to be as prominent in Switzerland.    The roads through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were comparable to the roads we drive on in the USA, that is until we drove up the mountain out of the main town.  Here are pictures of the road up to our hotel.

The drive up this narrow lane was totally worth it though as we love our hotel for the next few days.

And just up the street was this massive place.

After getting settled into our room we were determined to hike over to see what it was all about.  The hiking paths were so beautiful and we really enjoyed walking in the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Once we reached the buildings we could see from our hotel balcony, we learned that it was actually the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospatality.

But the best thing we found on our hike was where we would have dinner this evening.

Can you tell what type of restaurant it is?

Yes, you guessed it.  A gourmet restaurant specializing in wild game!  I have always wanted to eat at one of these restaurants and tonight was the perfect setting to do so.  The menu came with absolutely no English though so we were quite confused on how and what to order.  Finally we just asked the waitress to select for us.

We think William had Deer but it tasted like the best cut of prime rib ever, with no gamey taste at all and so tender it would melt in your mouth.  My dish, we think, was Red Stagg deer.  Very tasty and tender as could be.  And the side of red cabbage and local chestnuts were to die for.  Which leads me to this comment.  The bill was brought to William in this beautiful box.  When he opened it and saw the final price we looked deeper to see if we could find a defibrillator which must be in the box too.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! Looks beautiful there. How much was the bill? (In dollars?)


    1. It was 92 Swiss Franks which is about $100.00. Not terrible but far more than we have been spending in Greece and Italy.

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