Train through the Swiss Alps

This morning William and I boarded the Bernina Express on the UNESCO World Heritage Tour to see the Swiss Alps.  We started our trip at Chur, Switzerland which lies just inside the northern border of Switzerland and rode all the way into northern Italy.  We were not sure how easily we could share this adventure with you because our whole day would be on a moving train with our pictures taken through the glass windows.  We are surprised that we actually got some pretty good shots to share with you.  

Our train would cover 122 kilometers or 75 miles, pass through 55 tunnels, and cross 196 bridges!

The train did stop for a few minutes at one station and we had the opportunity to get off the train and snap a few quick photos of this Glacier.

Words cannot describe the Grandeur and Beauty of the Alps so I am going to invite you to do exactly what we did today on the Bernina Express.  Sit back and enjoy the view. 

We arrived in Tirano Italy just in time for a stroll along the pedestrian street and a lovely Italian meal before boarding the train to return to Chur.

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  1. Pamela says:

    WOW! The pics of the alps are so magestic! Beautiful!


    1. Thanks Pam. It was quite an experience.


  2. Gwen Gladisd says:

    Hey Rosa! It’s Gwen from ADP. You’re pics are AMAZING! I feel like I just went on a vacation! Thanks so much for sharing with me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gwen, I hope you are coming along with us on our latest Cuban adventure too!


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