One of the most iconic things in Cuba are the old American cars.  I knew I would see some but I had no idea how many I would see.  They were everywhere.  Actually, they are everyday driving cars.  Most all of them are taxis.   At one time China offered brand new cars to replace all these old cars and the government said no way.  It is illegal to remove any of the cars from Cuba.

So feast your eyes on these:












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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! The cars are so pretty. What is that piece of concrete? Melecon? What does that mean? . I have so many questions. You’ll have to enlighten me next time we are together.


  2. The piece of concrete is the road sign. It is marking the Malecon which is the name of the road that runs all along the ocean front. It is the most famous road in all of La Habana Cuba. It is perfect for people watching, seeing all the cars go by, for seeing and listening to local musical artists, for strolling with your lover, for seeing local fishermen – It is the place to be in La Habana.

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