Strolling Old Havana

On our third day in Cuba we left our little apartment with the intention of only strolling around the streets.  We find it easiest to find our way around Old Havana by using the Malecon as our reference so we walked down the Malecon to the Old Harbor.  We saw lots of the old wall surrounding the city still standing and could also see the old fort across the inlet.



We found it interesting that the jail was built entirely from the old wall!


Eventually we made our way up to the Museum of the Revolution.  Here is the balcony where Fidel gave his first speech – A speech that would last 9 hours.


Across from this building stands a building where a gunman tried to take Fidel out.  The bullet holes still remain in the building today.


Enclosed in glass is the boat that Fidel, Che, and 80 other revolutionary men took from Mexico to begin the Revolution that would liberate Cuba from the Batista regime.  It was called Granma.


The sign below shows Granma.  The words mean “I will triumph”


I think it might be appropriate at this point to tell you my thoughts on Cuba.  All my life I have heard that Cuba is a communist country.  But after visiting Cuba and living with the Cuban families I have a little different opinion about Cuba.   I think Cuba is a Socialist country.  I looked up the difference between communist and socialist and found the major difference between the two forms of rule to be the ability for the people to actually own property.    Under Fidel’s rule the people could not own anything but since Raul’s reign the people can actually own property.  And in fact most of the Cubans do own their homes and cars.  I do not support Communism or Socialism but I did want to learn how the Cuban people live.  Regardless of the government type of rule I found the people to be happy, friendly and very excited to meet people from the United States.

We spent the rest of our day just people walking.  We loved the Promenade and started our leisurely stroll there.  I was so surprised to see such a lovely marbeled walkway running between the main part of Old Havana all the way to the Malecon.


There we so many local artist here and we really enjoyed seeing the art.

It was here on the Promenade that I met the artist Maikel Felix Guerrero Ramos.  I fell in love with his art.


He uses everyday items such as boats, ladles, and sewing machines in his art.  Those of you who know me can understand why I could not walk away without purchasing the singer sewing machine art below.  I absolutely love this artwork and look forward to getting it framed once I get back home.



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  1. Debbie Hollister says:

    Maikel Ramon is an amazing artist! I see why you loved this sewing machine piece. Beautiful! Old Havana seems to be a heart-warming and fascinating place to visit. Your pics are delightful.


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