Spiritual Renewal

It has been a long time since these bags have flown internationally so no wonder we both look so happy. We had made big plans to spend three months exploring Europe this year but God had a different plan for us. We are headed to the Holy Land and hope that you will join us on this journey of spiritual renewal.

We fly out early Monday morning from Charlotte flying to JFK in New York to join our tour group. Since our flight was so early we decided to stay overnight in Charlotte. In searching for a place to stay and park our car I stumbled on this jewel of a website. We are 2 miles from the airport and using Parksleepfly our parking is practically free.

I hope we have WiFi connection as we travel through Israel so that I can share our photos daily. Come along with us as we see what God has in store for us in the Holy Land

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  1. Alice Beasley says:

    Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to all you share with us.


    1. Thanks Alice. Glad you are following along.


  2. Wilda Almond says:

    Praying for your wonderful trip. Following along with you. Wilda from Bible study


    1. So glad you are following along. Can’t wait to report back to you about the tour when we return.


  3. Edith Propst says:

    Hoping that this trip will be all you expect it to be and that you will feel good the entire time! God Bless You Both!


    1. Thanks Edith. I am sure we will enjoy this trip.


  4. Louise R. Gardner says:

    William and Rosa, My father was a Methodist Minister. On his vacation each year, he and my mother were hosts for tours of the Holy Land. I have tons of his slides that I have never gone through.


    1. You should pull them out and go thru them.


  5. Margaret Dabbs says:

    Can’t wait to vicariously travel once again with you two!!!


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