Oh Jerusalem

I have always said that it is impossible to describe in words what the Grand Canyon or Alaska look like. I have just added Jerusalem to that list. After a very long drive from the Sea of Galilee to arrive on the Mount of Olives and look out at the walls around of the city was so humbling. There are no words to describe how I felt to know that I was standing on the very mount where Jesus ascended into heaven. Then to look across the valley and see the old walls of Jerusalem was such an inspiring feeling.

I was hesitant about signing up to go on a tour with 180 people and with a minister I had never even heard of. But to sit here on top of the Mount of Olives and hear Lon share God’s word with us is something that I will never forget.

Notice the walls around Jerusalem. The gold plated dome that sits so prominent there in the old city is an Islamic shrine that covers the rock that they believe is the spot where Mohammad ascended into heaven. It sits just south of where the Jewish Temple once stood.

We met this guy and his donkey just before we walked down the mount into the Garden of Gethsemani.

Having our picture made here with Old Jerusalem here in the background is certainly a highlight for today.

As we walked down the mount we could see this Jewish cemetery.

Here is the entrance to the Garden Of Gethsemani

This olive tree sits inside the garden and I loved the fact that it sat just below the Golden Gate which today is sealed over. It is also known as the Beautiful Gate.

Below you can see many of the olive trees that are actually in the Garden.

Below is the inside of the Church of All Nations which sits adjacent to the Garden.

As we left the Garden I had to take one more photo of the Golden Gate. This day, arriving in Jerusalem has been the highlight of my tour so far.

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  1. Wilda Almond says:

    Thanks again for sharing. I am getting so excited and looking forward to my trip.

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  2. Melissa says:

    I can certainly tell how happy you guys are! Those Smiles are amazing! Stay safe!

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    1. We are having a fabulous time


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