Chateau of Chambord in the Lorie Valley

After seeing the Chateau Chenonceau yesterday I really didn’t think it could get any better but then I saw Chambord.  It is said that Chambord is to architecture what the Mona Lisa is to art.  And surprisingly enough the Chateau bears the imprint of Leonardo da Vinci.   I could tell immediately that this would be my favorite of all the Chateaux.


This Chateau was built in the early 1500’s purely for the pleasure and glory of the King.  The Chateau was used primarily as a hunting retreat for the King.  I found it interesting that the Kings would only visit the Chateau a couple of times out of the year and they would only stay for about three weeks at a time.  At times the Chateau would even be abandoned.

The massive ‘Grand double helix spiral staircase consists of two separate flights of stairs and was the conception of Leonardo.

doble helix

This is one of the Single Spiral Staircases that connects the outer Apartments.


Although there is no furniture of the period left it was an architectural delight to explore.





The French Gardens were absolutely beautiful and it took 20 miles of fencing to completely surround the Chateau.


William and I both really enjoyed visiting this Chateau and hated to leave.  It was so peaceful just to be there on the grounds.  We found a lovely restaurant nearby where we could have lunch and still sit and view the Chateau before heading to Versailles.


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  1. Melissa says:

    Really beautiful. It is a shame they couldn’t restore it. I bet it would have been something to see fully furnished. How does it compare to Biltmore?


    1. All the furniture of the periods were sold off during war times. Chambord stands best showing off it’s design. I loved it Missy. By far my favorite Chateau.


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