Chenonceau Chateau of the Lorie Valley

It was a short drive from LeMans to Amboise where we would visit the Chateau Chenonceau.  I had read that this was one of the most beautiful Chateaus and at first sight I had to agree.


The Chateau had been built over the river and the gardens were beautiful.  And even though the line to get in was about an hour wait we both had to go inside to see.




The Bedrooms were so lavish and the artwork beautiful. There was even a chapel inside.   It was easy to understand why this Chateau was noted to be one of the best.






But what I found most interesting about the Chateau, known as the Ladies Chateau was the actual story behind it.

Way back in the 1500’s King Henri II gave this Chateau to his “Favorite Lady”, Diane de Poitiers.  Then shortly after the King’s death his widow Catherine de Medici had Diane removed from the Chateau and made it even more beautiful and lavish.  The Chateau would continue to be the residence of all Ladies of the following Kings.   So besides being beautiful this Chateau had quite the history and definitely the Ladies touch for decor.

At the end of our day William and I checked into our Airbnb in Amboise.  We asked our host where we should have dinner and she told us that just a few steps away we could dine at the foot of the Chateau there in Amboise.  There was a street fair going on so we were able to grab a quick dinner and sit and watch all the locals and tourists as they too enjoyed the beautiful day.


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  2. Melissa says:

    Great! I bet the Air B&B experience is making your tour even better!


    1. I should write a separate blog on Airbnb. Our post in Paris was absolutely the best we’ve ever had


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