Circuit Des 24 Heures DuMans

This morning as we left Mont St. Michele we drove right through LeMans so we had to make a quick stop for William to see the 24 Hours of Racing Museum.



As Lady Luck would have it today was the 24 Hours of Motorcycle Race and although we did not join the thousands of fans at the actual race we could feel the excitement.  People were everywhere riding motorcycles and coming to see the race.  We could also hear the drivers every time they made a turn on the track.

The Museum was adjacent to the track but we were able to drive right up to the Museum and take a tour.  They had actual cars that raced at the 24 Hours throughout all the years.  Here are a few for you to see.

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After our Museum Visit we continued on toward Amboise the see the Chauteaux of the Lorie Valley.

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  1. Melissa says:

    William looks like he loved it.


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