Day Trip to Liechtenstein

While staying in Switzerland we decided to take a day trip to the very small country of Liechtenstein.  This landlocked country between Switzerland and Austria is a little over 15 miles long by less than 4 miles wide.  Our hosts in Switzerland said that Liechtenstein looks a lot like Switzerland but we had to go see for ourselves as this would make our 12th country to visit on this European Adventure.


This is the capitol city of Vaduz – Liechtensteine’s financial and cultural center.  You can see the castle that sits above the city.  It is the Prince’s residence so there are no tours available.  The front of the castle doesn’t really look much like a castle to me but once we drove up to take a look at it, the back side looked like a medieval fortress to me.



The view of Vaduz and the valley below was really grand.


We continued to drive up the mountain above Vaduz and the view just kept getting better.


Here is the church and several of the monuments in the city.






And the craziest of all was this character pretending to be Prince.


There were a few museums to visit and little train rides around the city but William and I decided to enjoy lunch and head back into Switzerland.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

    Holy cow that view was really grand! I loved the church too!


    1. Such a small country. It sits in the valley between the Austrian Alps and the Swiss Alps. It is really beautiful.


  2. Priscilla says:

    Instead of “Queen for a day” it’s “Prince for a day”. You are having so much fun. The sights are just beautiful.


    1. William says “Prince for a minute”


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