Grand Teton National Park

It was a long 7 1/2 drive from RMNP to Grand Teton National Park but a beautiful day with amazing scenery.   We stayed overnight in Lander, WO so that we would only have a couple of hours drive the next morning before arriving in the Park.   Lander is next door to  the Wind River Mountain Range and Indian Reservation so as we left the next morning we were able to capture this higher peak photo of the range.

Our first view of the Tetons was from about 20 miles away but it certainly was majestic.

We entered the park at Moran Junction and drove south.  There are pull outs all along the road for great viewing and photographs.  We couldn’t wait to pull out and get our first shot of the mountains.  This by no means was our best shot but one worth posting because you can see the excitement of being in front of the Grand Tetons on our faces

Our next stop was at Moose Junction Park Headquarters Visitor Center.  After talking with the Park Ranger we decided to drive up the Jenny Lake Road and stop at the major sites along the way.  As soon as we left the Visitors Center we stopped for a picnic lunch at Menors Ferry District.  This ferry crossing was a vital crossing point for the early Jackson Hole settlers.  Here we saw Menors general store and a replica of the ferry.

The Chapel of the Transfiguration is next to the Mentors Ferry.  The chapel served the nearby dude ranches.  Notice how the church frames the Tetons behind it.

We both had read so much about Jenny Lake so that was to be our second stop but when we arrived a little after noon and saw how packed the parking lot was we decided to make that our first stop the next day.  We opted instead to drive on up to the summit of Signal mountain.  This turned out to be an excellent choice as the view from here was arguably one of the best viewpoints in the entire park.

Our next stop was at Jackson Lake Dam.

Jackson Lake Dam did frame the Tetons nicely but I felt like the better photo was on the Snake River just below the Dam.  There were also river rafters on the Snake River which made the picture even more interesting.

For our next stop we went to Schwabacher Landing.  Here we hiked along the Snake River to a large beaver dam and got this amazing glimpse at the mountains.

Before heading to our cabin at Colter Bay we wanted to go see the Mormon Row.  This was a community of homesteaders and I in particular wanted to get a shot of the old barn.  The timing was just not right for a good picture so this too went on our list of things to do on our second day in the park.




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  1. EDITH PROPST says:

    Beautiful photos! It’s good that you left Colorado…so many forest fires now. Travel routes have been disrupted and the smoke has left our usually beautiful blue skies hazy. Enjoy the Tetons!


  2. Melissa says:

    So beautiful! I loved the church photo!


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