Grand Teton – Day Two

Our destination this morning was Jenny Lake.  Because we were up very early, we caught the first sun on the mountain.


We arrived in the Jenny Lake parking lot at 7:00 AM and hardly anyone was there which was exactly what we were hoping for.  I loved this picture of Jenny Lake with the Teton reflection even though there was just a bit of wind disturbing the reflection.  We took the ferry across Jenny Lake to hike into the mountains to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.

teton day 2 19

This was at the East End Boat Dock and very pretty too.

teton day 2 11

It only took us about half an hour to reach Hidden Falls.

teton day 2 12

teton day 2 20

It was so difficult not to linger at such a beautiful place but we knew the hike would get steeper as we climbed on to Inspiration Point.



Here at Inspiration Point we soaked in the views of Jenny Lake below.  After spending so much time looking at the mountains from afar it was quite inspirational to actually be climbing on the mountain.  We decided not to continue on Cascade Trail which would add another 6.8 miles so we headed back down the mountain to the West Boat dock to catch the Ferry across the lake.

teton day 2 9

Our next stop was Mormon Row to catch the morning light on the iconic barn.   We decided to just sit and enjoy the beauty around us so we pulled out our stadium chairs and relaxed for almost an hour.  I even pulled out a knitting project to work on.  We decided to look for a puzzle of this barn but the more I looked at it I also decided this puzzle would be very difficult.  But I’m not afraid of a challenge so I definitely will find it.

teton day 2 7

teton day 2 3

At Mormon Row, we were so close to Jackson Hole we decided to drive down to get lunch.  We started out at the famous Jackson Square and then just walked around town before grabbing a quick lunch.

On our way back to Colter Bay cabins we had to stop for this large group of Bison.  It is so exciting to see the wildlife.


After dinner we drove down to Willow Flats Overlook to get our last glimpse of the Grand Tetons.

teton day 2 last

During our visit to the Grand Tetons we rented a cabin at Colter Bay.  I have to say that the cabin actually exceeded my expectations.  It was very nice and the perfect place to stay.

Teton day 2 6

Tomorrow morning we will drive north from here about 40 miles to enter Yellowstone.



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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow, that Inspiration Point trail looks treacherous! I love the barn picture and it was so cool that you guys just got our your chairs and enjoyed the scenery. What did the cabin look like inside?


    1. The barn was the best but you could not go inside. We love sitting to enjoy the views so when we get our rental car we always go buy some chairs at Walmart. As for the trail it was moderate rating but you can always do a lot with photography to make it look more than it is.


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