Time to Slow Down

This morning when we woke up we decided it was time to slow down and get in a day of relaxation.  We started out with coffee and let me say up front I don’t think I am going to be able to enjoy American coffee when we return.  The coffee here is a step above!  So over coffee we decided to scratch our previous plans for the day and just relax.  Marianna suggested http://www.mineraltherme-boeblingen.de/start

We absolutely loved this thermal mineral spa and spent the evening there just relaxing.  

It was the most amazing spa I’ve ever experienced.  And yesterday while in France I got this local wine to enjoy so tonight I popped the cork and just relaxed even more!

Tomorrow we are off to the Black Forest.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Oh man! That looks amazing! Was the water in the pool salt water?


    1. The water was minerals. Each pool was for a different therapy however we couldn’t read the signs so we just used them all!

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  2. Susan Davis says:

    Looks so relaxing! Glad you had some down time AND some great wine! Looking forward to your blog about the Black Forest. Safe travels.

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