A National Geographic Day

We seem to have a knack of finding the best airbnb’s when we travel.  Casa Novoa in Trinidad is the most amazing Casa.  Georling, his wife Yoanis, and their children Daniel and Evenlin are such a friendly family and are pleased to have us share their home.  They are fluent in English, Italian, and of course Spanish.  Their home is very nice.  They added two additional rooms, a patio room, and a terrace and bar on the rooftop to accommodate their guests.The have an amazing Chef, Margali who prepares all the meals.   Margali reminds me of our wonderful Kathy who cares for our Yurts.  This evening Margali prepared an outstanding lobster dinner for me and William as we are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary here.

This will be an anniversary that William and I will never ever forget.

Early this morning we took a taxi to Trinidad, a short 3 mile trip to the little town with cobble stone streets that was founded in 1514.  We learned that Trinidad was named after one of the ships that brought the French colonists here.  As we walked around this morning we met a National Geographic photographer, Ralph Lee Hopkins who is from Charlotte, NC.  We have invited him to visit us at our Yurt in Mt. Pleasant.


Trinidad was a lovely restored old town.  We visited the church, listened to Cuban bands, and just wondered around all morning.  As always we find the people interesting and will share their photographs with you.

We grabbed a Cuban sandwich and then headed back to our Casa.   Georling gave us snorkeling gear and beach stuff and called a taxi to take us out to the beach which was only about a mile or two.  The beach was lovely and had nice snorkeling.  The coral was very alive and undamaged and the fish were very plentiful.

We had a wonderful day and as I mentioned an anniversary that we shall not forget.  We visited many art shops today and there were some really iconic pictures that you might enjoy as much as I did.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness! This day looks amazing! Happy belated anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Missy, We had an amazing time in Cuba.


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