The Biblical Connection at Caesarea

The ruins of the Ancient City of Caesarea that I shared with you yesterday look a whole lot like the ruins in Rome. So what makes these so special? It’s their connection to the Bible. I shared my photos yesterday and today I would like to share with you how our tour guide, Lon Solomon brought this city to life for us.

Now keep in mind that Lon is a minister and I am ill equipped to be completely Biblical accurate but I will do my best.

Paul had been brought to Caesarea because he was a Roman Citizen and would need to be tried by Romans. Paul himself had persecuted Jews before becoming one of Jesus’s disciples. When brought before the Roman officials and King Agrippa here in Caesarea Paul pleaded to the King as he knew that King Agrippa was aware of all that Jesus was doing here in Israel. He said to the King (in my words) Come on, you have seen all the many miracles Jesus has done here. Why can’t you understand why I am telling of his prophecy? The King asked Paul, “Would you have me become Christian?” And of course Paul answered, “Well yes I would. You and everyone that hears my voice.” The King ignored Paul’s pleas and eventually sent Paul on to Rome to be tried.

What Lon wanted us to understand about this story which you can find in Acts 26 was that even though there is lots of evidence of Jesus sometimes for people it is not enough to just have knowledge to accept Jesus as their savior. What they need is for the Holy Spirit to work on their heart. He encouraged us to pray for our unsaved friends and family that the Holy Spirit would prepare their hearts so they could be ready to accept Him.

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  1. EDITH PROPST says:

    Rosa, your words here are remarkable! How wonderful for you and William to have this experience!


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